The Sustainability Kaleidoscope


In my earlier blog posts, I have been voicing my concerns on the relatively less emphasis given to the development of human resources in India to address the needs of evolving environmental governance. While the policies and regulations are trying to keep pace with the international practices, the implementing institutions have remained weak, university education is still not geared to the needs and the continuing education programs have been rather off the mark and off the target. Further, efforts made to address the above challenges have been either not effective or not sustained.

I have been thinking of designing a program that could introduce a model to bring business, academia, investors and regulators together. The key point is continuous engagement. I therefore thought of organizing a series of seminars over a year as “touch points of knowledge and sharing of practices” in the realm of sustainability.  The seminars will not be just one time or sporadic events but a “threaded” activity or a program.

To connect the “dots” (i.e. the seminar events), I have proposed an e-platform that would wire the seminar participants. This e-platform that will operate on 24×7 basis, will give opportunities for extended discussions outside the seminar rooms, especially take Q&As, networking and accessing of resources that would be continuously updated. All this should lead “connections” in between the events for building a community of sustainability practioners in the country.

I chose sustainability as the canvas as the theme is very relevant and it encompasses several frontier areas of concern and provide a better insight to address problems and opportunities in an holistic manner. For the business for instance, iinterest in Sustainability is growing due to potential savings, management of risks and for building a brand.

Why the term kaleidoscope?

A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors  containing loose, colored objects such as beads  or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light  entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflecton  off the mirrors. (see

View into a kaleidoscope is always dynamic, as it presents to the viewer – colorful patterns that continuously change as the cylinder is rotated. That’s the magic of kaleidoscope which the series of Sustainability Seminars will do.  The topics at the Seminar would not only be dynamic but will respond to the needs of the participants. These needs will be captured progressively as the seminar series will march on. It will essentially be an adaptive process

See schematic below that conveys the Kaleidoscope structure.


The Kaleidoscope will be offered on the basis of a subscription model. One can subscribe to all 6 and earn a certificate or attend only some. The subscription will be transferable i.e. two participants can share and attend 3 seminars each. An organization may buy 50 subscriptions over a year for 20 staff members. I am proposing various flexible models on this basis.  Those who are not residents of Mumbai or don’t want to commute can subscribe only the e-platform.

To explain and experience the kaleidoscope, we are holding a Launch Seminar on January 22 in Mumbai at Hall of Quest’, Nehru Centre, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai. There are no registration fees for this Launch event. The seats are however limited. The idea is to show case the kaleidoscope model.

For the launch, topics below will be presented by my friends and colleagues. These topics will address some of the frontier areas that are generally not covered in conferences, university courses and continuing education programs. The idea is to fill the gap.


I would like you to invite you attend the Launch, contribute and provide a feedback. We will be announcing special offers for the Kaleidoscope subscriptions during the launch. You may like to take advantage of the same.


How can you help?

  • Subscribe to the kaleidoscope –individually or at the organizational level. Write to my colleague and copy me 
  • Join as a resource person to deliver talks. Please send me your profile and interest if we have not met before. 
  • Come on the e-platform as a mentor. Spend around 2 hours a week over the year as a volunteer. 
  • Contribute to the resources (reports, presentations, video links – we will of course acknowledge you)

  • Be our Sponsor 
  • Partner with us to introduce the Sustainability kaleidoscope in other cities. We are working on a business model that will franchise the concept across cities supported by a common global e-platform. Write to me if you are interested.  

I look forward to your positive response, participation and support.

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    1. Dear Dr Singhal,

      It will be our great pleasure. Please join us on the e-platform as a Mentor.

      I am in Jaipur on Feb 12-13 to conduct a Training Program on Environmental Clearance at MNIT.Can we plan launch of the Kaleidoscope at Jaipur? Regards

      1. Sir
        Thanks for your mail. We can definately discuss the matter when you come to Jaipur in Feb. I will also talk to Dr. A B. Gupta on the issue.
        Vijai Singhal

  1. Sir,

    This is an excellent concept and as expected well planned approach. I wish all the success to this initiative. I remember many years back when I was in CII, similar initiative was conceptualized but taking only environment into consideration. I don’t know how it materialized. Sustainability is certainly more relevant in the present context as we see that there is ever increasing interlinking of environmental, economic and social components. It is getting so evident that success of improvement programs is possible when all three are considered. I am sorry that I could not be participate in the launch. I am sure it must have been a grand success. I think another key stakeholder also in this process is perhaps the NGOs, especially those having good on-ground experience and who understand the psyche of the community and the political class. I would certainly like to be part of Kaleidoscope, though due to geographical barriers, I will have to stay contented with the e-platform.

    Kind regards

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