‘Sixty Shades of Green’ Available for Purchase

Dear Readers,

The book is now available on Amazon, FlipKart and Pothi.

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For those who want to buy the eBook version, it is  also available for purchase on Kindle.

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Few words about the book

The book is written in the style of stories on a variety of themes related to sustainability. These stories are driven by humor and satire.

One of the characteristics of this book is that knowledge is embedded the ‘stories’ in an implicit manner. Sometimes references are cited for further reading. Many of the articles in this book could therefore be of educational value to students as well as to teachers. The book could potentially be used as a supplement to a course on environmental management & sustainability. Further, some of the articles could be used to open up group discussions or formulate assignments.

Take a look at the Table of Contents.


A Few Glimpses of ‘Sixty Shades of Green’

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What readers have to say  

Can you get anymore tongue in cheek and still have so much to say? I hope those who matter are tapping into your knowledge and capabilities to really address that is needed”

Knew your excellence in teaching, communication, consultation in the field of environment, sustainability; this blog amazes me to know that your expertise is far, far more extensive. Hats off!”

Wonderful simplicity and flow in the language exhibits an excellent teacher! So many things said without saying anything!! Congratulations!!!”

The humor, as usual, is subtle- keeping a thin boundary between satire and criticism”

It is fictitious but really fabulous… what a blog…. all my college friends turned colleagues started  laughing and continued for a few minutes during recitation of the blog by one colleague”

This is the only blog I follow and eagerly wait for every article that you post. I guess many professionals like me are grateful to you for sharing your thoughts, your take on various issues and experiences with an element of humor, which unfortunately is difficult to find these days”