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This blog is my attempt to raise important environmental concerns specific to India. Sometimes, I relate my experiences as an academician and consultant and sometimes I use humor and satire to discuss various environmental issues through stories.

“My Professor Friend ” is a character I have created to give another point of view – a character I simply adore! Many of my blogs are influenced by my favorite Busy Bee nee Beheram Contractor 

The stories are not real… but are created from my experiences and suitably crafted for the purpose. The messages are often hidden and Knowledge is embedded in an implicit manner.

Sometimes I cite names of the people, only to bring in a flavor of the “real”. Main messages are more important. No offence to anyone please. And I do hope that the blog readers understand this perspective.

In my three decades of international work, I have been to places and met with people. In these encounters I have had extraordinary experiences that enriched my life. This blog takes in these cases a form of a travelogue and shares some of my memoirs. These narrations are indeed real… but sometimes “doctored” with names and places changed – and sometimes “blended” only for the interest of privacy.

Finally, I hope that this blog also serves the purpose to connect with professional colleagues, friends, peers and students and engage them in discussion for follow ups and actions.

I will be most pleased to receive your feedback and comments




  1. Dear Dr. Modak,

    Whenever I get an opportunity, I certainly make it a point to read your blog. Your wry sense of humor makes it a very interesting read. Obviously, the subject matter is always having great relevance to current day context.

    I have bookmarked this blog page and will read all the posts in near future.

    Cheers ! Manoj

  2. Hello Dr, Modak.
    i would like to connect with you on your blogs.
    I work for Energetica India Magazine, an publication on Renewable Energy in India.
    I would like yo to invite you to contribute your existing blogs which can be published in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

    Please let me know if that can be done.

    Also, please provide me with your email id, so that i can communicate with you about the proposal in detail.

    Moulin Oza.

  3. Dear Dr. Modak, Leadership academic training is a blessing in disguise for me to know incredible people like you. I am really impressed by your wisdom and knowledge in areas of sustainable development in particular circular economy. Definitely, I will follow your blog and be connected with you for learning more, further input and guidance while developing and implementing projects concerning environment. You are a source of invaluable resources!
    Best Wishes
    Tek Bahadur Khatiwara

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