New release of another 50 posts – Pebbles in Turquoise

Dear Readers,

This new book of collection of my posts is after the first two editions  ‘Sixty Shades of Green: Musings on Sustainability‘ and  ‘Blue, Green and Everything in Between: Musings on Life, Love and Sustainability‘. This third edition  pulls together another 50 of my blog posts.

Pebbles in Turquoise – Stories in Blue and Green is a blend between “Green” and “Blue” and a a collection that is like pebbles scattered on a beach. It attempts to create a place where you can chill, listen to the sound of waves and watch the blue sky.

The Blue carries my anecdotes from my personal experience with people, places and life. The Green is presented in a semi-fictional and satirical style with sustainability as the focus. As before, the book  comes with rich and attractive illustrations (doodles).

Take a look at the Table of Contents – TOC

You can find the book on the website of Amazon, Amazon India and Pothi. The book will soon be available on Flipkart.

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What do readers have to say about the articles in this Book? 

“Heart-warming and so philosophical. Loved it. ”

“That was a really witty article and hard hitting at the same time. Love to read your blogs always !“

“Amazing imagination. I loved this blog of yours. People often forget that love is what we all need and work is just a part of life. thanks for reminding this. Keep loving and writing”

“Mystery is a different genre.. Enjoyable reading with a twist on the end.”

“You are truly a magician with the words. The last incident seems so unbelievable.”

“You are indeed a fantastic writer Dr Modak – thoughts are coming from within the heart and translated into words …”

“Reading your blog – one becomes aware of the questions one forgets to ask – when a rhetoric dominates thinking !:)”

“Wow, a fantastic morning to start with. Your lovely selective words make us to feel the experience what you had in Vienna.”

“Really aptly said, Dr Modak. Most of the CSR heads are just post filled by the extras, who thinks environment and sustainability is very easy task to handle and anyone can do that. Really enjoyed your blog!”

“Hehehe… forget the technical topics Doctor, keep writing under the heading ‘My experiences’”

“It is hilarious and perhaps best piece of satire I have ever read.”

“Fantastic ! The Missionaries of Segregation and the 3Rs must be smarting in their cocoons !!”

“informative but satirical article .how far Indian people will follow god only knows. Worth publishing in daily news-paper.”

“Richard Feynman Prasad Modak birds of the same feather.carrying knowledge,wisdom lightly ,communicating obtruse subject in lighter vein yet never failing imparting profound material lucidly with telling effect.”

“Left me speechless and with mixed bag of emotions. Guess it’s time for a little drag in the balcony of my hostel and have a recall myself. : ) Thank you for such a nice read.”

“Your today’s blog reads like a suspense movie sitting on the fence between reality & fiction.”

“From profligacy to prudence and parsimony – the journey can begin only with awareness! And your blog shares that awareness even to a lay reader like me!”