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Our environment is constantly changing. Across the Globe people are facing environmental challenges every day. Many challenges have been or are being addressed innovatively, however there are no channels to communicate or publicize these commendable solutions. Anvaya: Ekonnect’s Short Film contest, was initiated as a platform for communicating these impactful solutions through the creative medium of films.

Anvaya (meaning positive action in Sanskrit) is a short film competition initiated by Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect). The program was launched with an aim to bring to the fore, positive and innovative solutions to critical environmental issues.

Objectives of Anvaya are

  • Awareness raising & encouraging citizen involvement on issues affecting environment
  • Sensitizing citizens and promoting action through a creative medium such as short videos/films
  • Dissemination of films created through citizen groups, professionals and municipal corporations to showcase innovative solutions on various environmental issues in their locality
  • Creating a platform for like-minded citizens to network and action for a better environment

We have successfully completed two events on Anvaya, on the theme of ‘Waste to Resource‘ and ‘No Water No Life’. In Anvaya 1.0 the winning film was screened in Davos, Switzerland. For details about Anvaya 1.0 & 2.0 you may visit the webpage of Anvaya. You can also view the short films on our You tube channel . Do download the films and use in the awareness programs that you may conduct.

Anyava 3.0 is now launched on the theme of Green Products Green LivingThe aim is to educate people about alternative lifestyle choices that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible and help lower the carbon footprint.

The contest is open to Green Product Manufacturers, Green Product Users and Green Procurement Services.

Green Product makers will have an opportunity to ‘Review their products’ through Green Purchasing Network of India (GPNI) at no costs. The Green Product users will be able to rate their ‘Low Carbon Living Index’ based on Ekonnect’s calculator.

All participants will be offered a one day training at no costs to understand the subject and learn how to make short films. Spice Institute in Mumbai is our media partner.

Apart from the one day training on the domain and film making skills, we are also planning an exposition of green products and services. The final screening day will feature screening of the shortlisted films, green product stalls & exhibits, discussions with experts & the award ceremony.

Films can be made under both these categories:

Green Products/Services:

  • Energy efficient, durable and often have low maintenance requirements.
  • Free of ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and produce zero toxic by-products.
  • Made of recycled materials or content or from renewable and sustainable sources.
  • Obtained from local manufacturers or resources.
  • Biodegradable or easily reused either in part or as a whole.

Stakeholders: Manufactures, Designers & Service providers.

Examples: Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Appliances, Water coolers & purifiers, Office furniture, Mobile phones, Public works & many more

Green Living:

  • Sustainable lifestyles
  • Consumption Patterns (Food)
  • Alternative modes of transport & energy consumption


Consumers / Users

Examples: General public shifting to greener options, Green food consumption, Corporates using Green procurement services etc.

How to register for Anvaya 3.0 (Please visit )

All individuals and organizations who will be applying to register will be required to go through a process as per the category as follows:

For green products/services: GPNI’s Peer Rating Service

For green lifestyle: Ekonnect’s ‘Low carbon living’ index

  • Both the above processes will be conducted at no charge.
  • Each will provide the applicants a rating on a scale arrived at by assessing performance against pre-determined criteria.
  • Suggestions will be made to improve the performance

Timeline for Anvaya 3.0

Launch & Registration: Sunday, 5th June 2016

Last Day for Registration: Sunday, 4th September 2016

One day Training event: Saturday, 10th September 2016

Final Screening day:  Saturday, 1st October 2016

About Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation

Ekonnect is a section 8 nonprofit company offering awareness, education, training and counsel on Environmental Management, CSR and Sustainability. We work with all stakeholders including students, young professionals, NGOs, CBOs, trade and industry associations, corporates, government agencies, academic institutions and the general public. Our aim is to increase knowledge through networking for action on environment. Please visit

About GPNI

Green Purchasing Network India (GPNI) is an evolving network of professionals interested and active in the general area of sustainable consumption and production – more specifically: Green Purchasing and Public Procurement.

The objectives of GPNI are:

  1. To create awareness amongst key stakeholders about Green Purchasing and Procurement (GPP) and Sustainable production and Consumption (SPC).
  2. To encourage and facilitate implementation of GPP and Greening Supply Chains (GSC) projects to enhance the competitiveness of the Indian industries.
  3. Advocate and influence GPP related national policies and regulations.
  4. Conduct research, build database and devise methodologies to support and propel best practices in GPP.

Please visit www.gpnindia .org

Sponsors and Partners

We are looking for sponsors and partners who would be interested in being a part of Anvaya 3.0. The program is innovative and provides high potential for brand building, generating goodwill as well as a channel for allocation of CSR spend.

Please contact Sonal Alvares or Disha Mahajan on email /


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