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Dear blog subscribers/followers

I am now reaching close to 60 blog posts and so thought of getting readers’ views on improving the blog further

Suggestions have been made to publish the collection of blogs. My idea was to add a 2 page supplement to each blog providing technical derails (i.e. serious stuff departing from humor) and cite additional links/resources to guide students and young professionals.

Please send me your feedback on this proposition on

And I would be grateful if you could spend two minutes of your time to respond to questions listed below

Very best regards

Prasad Modak

Thank you so much


  1. Prasad,

    Continue writing your blogs with the same sincerity and consistency on varied topics.

    I am sure your are not going to run short on topics and issues

    Your are one in the fraternity who due to your professional skills has had varied and unique exposure and experiences.

    Continue the good work for your friends, colleagues and next generation in the field.

    Thanks for your continued efforts.

  2. Dear Prasad
    Go Ahead and publish.Somebody from Environment need to communicate to public if we wish better future for environment. Your blogs are doing just that.We look forward more from you .

  3. Dear Dr Modak, I did intend to spare ‘2 minutes’ to give you a feed back. The first questions were such that I could not select any of the options for reply. I do not recall exactly how I came to know of your blog, nor whether I get a notification or see it in the mail. One option of reply should be available for persons like me. To cut the story short, I would heartily endorse the idea of your blogs to be published as a book along with, if possible, the comments you select to be included. — Paritosh Tyagi

  4. Dear Professor Prasad,I am just back from Australia after hectic three weeks academic assignment and will be agin in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra on invitation but in early part of 2016. I did respond to some of your blogs. In one sentence I must say the following:” Degrees may or may not matter, The matter matters”You have both.I must be the senior most ( only by physical age) environmental professional who might be writing erudite comments.Keep it up.with blessings,Ashok

  5. Dear Prasad,

    Your way of writing the blog is of self depricating type. My understanding the objective is improving the present systems by pointing out issues in humorous way. However, my apprehension is many people who are not mature environmental professionals would take it seriously and start making fun. This is because, specially in last decade or so I have observed that profession has drifted to “management” from “science and engineering”. People who are able to “manage” shine. Hence, I suggest that you must write long preface on what propmted you to start this blog.

  6. Prasad, It is great to read your BLOG and environmental issues. It is interesting to note that not much has changed in India for Government Business as Usual with promise of change, deep rooted corruption(your BLOG on liftman and Palakhiwala). It is impressive to see technological advancement but traditions come in the way at all the times, a great example is with Mr. Modi’s toilet program. Change has to come from within, what are you personally and your corporation doing to change since you choose to live in India ? Do you make part of your Corporate Mission or just talk about it ? Talk is cheap. Take the initiative to bring about change if you choose to live in India. Speaking of which United States in not too different regarding these matters at Federal and State Levels. However corruption of giving the buck to liftman to get to where you want to go in Government Buildings, does not affect day to day life in general, and it is not expected. Your accomplishments have been inspirational to me personally since age 15 and your mere presence in my life is well worth it. We may live thousands of miles apart but I look forward to reading what you have to say. So just do it and take actions or influence others to take the actions to bring about change in Environmental Engineering ! Best wishes – Ajay Sawant, Lowell, MA

    1. Ajay

      Many thanks for your comments. Really appreciate.

      Note that Ten Rupees to the Liftman was not a bribe. It was a tip. The messages in this blog are much deeper – certainly not about corruption India but of engaging with great personalities.

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