‘Blue, Green and Everything in Between’, Companion Edition to ‘Sixty Shades of Green’ Coming Soon!

Dear Readers,

Enthused by your response to ‘Sixty Shades of Green: Musings on Sustainability‘, I am now bringing out it’s companion edition,  ‘Blue, Green and Everything in Between: Musings on Life, Love and Sustainability’ which pulls together another 50 of my blog posts.

Blue, Green and Everything in Between


Take a look at the Table of Contents – TOC.

Both the print and the e-Book versions of the book will soon be available for sale on various online bookstores. So stay tuned! We are targeting release by August 30, 2016

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Whether to Drive Electric? It’s all about Location, Location and Location! Awsome Dr.Modak and I am purchasing a bicycle now…

–       Mahesh Dalvi

Eye opening sir.

–       Dr. Vijai Singhal

Environmental Emissions Market in India –Are We Prepared Enough? Very Informative and thought provoking article as always

–       Manoj Karmarkar

Teaching Environmental Modeling with Hooke’s Law This piece is simply superb!! Modelling otherwise sounds so abstract for the learners. Pedagogy like this is much needed for the teaching of environmental science so as to get professionals who understand modelling, not the application of the modeling software. And this is true for so many other concepts of environmental science. It’s so frustrating when even the practitioners in field get confused on such basic things like organic pollutants and COD, using the terms interchangeably.

–          Shantanu Roy

A Competition So Funny! Humor at its best- alas! with subtle reality.

–          Akhilendra Gupta

Journey of Environmental Assessment towards Sustainability Appraisal Well written article and very informative in the way you have linked the progression of the practice of assessment. I fully agree that the practice in this country is weak and has been further diluted by unethical short term bottom fishing approach

–       Zarasp Irani

Awesome article Sir. Thanks

–  Sunita Purushottam

 Prasad – Very good summary on evolution of EA …..

–       L. Panneerselvam

Wastewater Treatment Plants that Speak Wow, ETPs / STPs personified!!

–       Kshaumesh Antani

Great reading. Fantastic style of narration to explain a complex issue of maintenance in an ETP.

–       Pradeep

The World of the Banks Thanks for this brutally honest sharing

–       Loy Rego

Good one Dr. Modak. Pretty realistic picture!

–       Mythili

Let us Work in Full Circle Very thought provoking article.

I hope everyone realizes the urgency and we start on the path chalked out by you.

It could be in the smallest possible way.

I think we all owe that much to our future generations.

–       Nayan Khambati

Those Magical Days of GMDH It is very good article and I learnt many things. Well-crafted and informative.

–       Nitin Sonawane

On reading the blog, I wished to iterate that you have an amazing array of knowledge, interest and experience in doing interesting things. Though I have no knowledge about GMDH but was definitely interested to read about it. Each and every blog of yours is so interesting to read as offers a new understanding about your experience and knowledge. We are enriched just be reading them. Thanks for sharing your old and new experiences.

–       Aparna (Nahar) Sethi

Indian Weddings now require Environmental Clearance Another hilarious “episode”. Good that the post marriage blues were not included as a compulsory “post audit”. Look forward to the next one.

–       Akhilendra Gupta

Indeed hilarious. However it must be recognised that waste management is a very serious challenge to the service provider and menace to the neighborhood due to scavenger animals, flies…

–       M.C.Badarinarayana

Dear Dr Modak. Good idea! Generation of new business avenues! May be getting EC report would eventually become a status symbol and a fashion to gossip about in high class clubs and social events! Depending upon the propaganda, there may be a prize announced for the family which spends highest amount and/or best EIA report for wedding-events. Wow! ECO WEDDING!

–       Pravina Parikh

Absolutely hilarious!! Prof Modak, I didn’t know that you write literary masterpieces as well. Thought you are an expert basically on the drab EIA!!

–       Mythili

Silence of the Lambs

You are at it once again. The level of satire used is at a different level altogether. I hope all personnel and organization’s mentioned find a way to read this.

–       Pranay Krishnan

Good analysis. I need not read so many books to understand the status of EIA and ESP in India, thanks Modak Sir…

–       V S Balasubramanian

Dear Dr Modak – excellent capture of current situation of Indian stakeholders in field of environment thru “silenced” sarcasm!!

–       Anand Palkar

Good observations and excellent interpretation of current happenings in the present Indian environmental scenario. I do not see in near future any of our professional associations rising above their petty squabbles and contributing positively to the future policies. But, obviously blame ourselves for not participating and showing spine at the right time on subjects concerning issues beyond our daily routine. Inaction by good people at the right time, is more damaging than destructive action of “not -so -good ” people. Lets wake up , try and make a difference in the future.

–       Nayan Khambati

Extremely informative as usual.

–       Manoj Karmarkar

Professor’s Unique Beauty Saloon Great piece of writing. Delightful blend of fantasy science reality politics with your softly biting comments. Enjoyed thoroughly Prasad! !!

–       Pradeep


Taking a simple example of visiting saloon, so many Enviro terms are interwoven creating an awareness even for a ‘non-connected person’. Keep it up!

–       sudhirvj


BTW, a few hard copies of the first book “Sixty Shades of Green” are still available. Visit link to purchase.

More about the “Blue and Green”

‘Blue, Green and Everything in Between’ has a different sort of flavor – it brings together 50 of my choicest posts in which I have related anecdotes from my personal experience with people, places and life. However, just like ‘Sixty Shades of Green’, I have adopted a semi-fictional satirical style to narrate life and love through the lens of sustainability. As before, the book  comes with rich and attractive illustrations but in a new format.

I want to gauge your interest in purchasing the book.  It would be really nice if you could answer the following questions:

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